Free but not fake.

All the news from posts published to websites in the Our Locality network should appear here immediately, once they are published.

If you are a new site owner, you will need to select the first Privacy option in Settings > Reading before your news will appear here, which means you can experiment freely before going public!

While your piece is in draft, or tagged as “private” it will not appear here.

Hints & Tips:

To remove an article from the News Feed / Stream, either make it draft again, private or delete it.

You can make an article sink too, by setting a historic date or rise back to the top by setting today’s date (or set it to publish at some point in the future).

Remember to draft a new post rather than update an old one if you want to create news rather than rewrite history. E.g. Replacing an article titled “Opening Times” for “New Opening Times: we are closed Mondays to Fridays” won’t appear at all prominently and will not be automatically spun out to social media. You’re as well deleting the old announcement, a rare case when deleting part of the post archive makes sense.

Only the content type ‘posts’ will appear here, so you can change your pages and projects to your hearts content without annoying anyone.

If you want your news to be noticed, setting a featured image can help, using a snappy title that can be read and understood out of the context of your own website is better still. YOur news appears in many places, unbeknownst to you.

To make full use of our automation tools please categorise and tag your posts appropriately. A location (a town) can help but do not over do it with categories – one category or 2 max and a few relevant tags (these are index words) will do, if you want).

Avoid being spammy, else we may have to take action.

All this helps us create a richer and more accessible and user friendly archive for all users.

Within 15 to 30 minutes every post that appears on is spun out to twitter and facebook.

If you make a mistake and publish something that has to be withdrawn / you regret, get in touch and we’ll delete the twitter snippet and links.