Slow News – Boring Stats

The OurLocality News newsletter had only 23 subscribers when we decided to withdraw it, on account of the fact the service we used closing down. This was a couple of years ago. Nonetheless the stats were impressive, as these 23 people amplified x 10 the reach of each item, well beyond the immediate readership. The facts and figures:

  • publishing since 27 January 2011
  • 3289 items of news (not pages as these don’t get syndicated)
  • with 35,077 views of those 3289 items
  • generating 461,629 clicks back to the site on 2362 items

Our new service runs off’s JetPack.

Give it a try.

How does OurLocality News work? Basically if you publish a post on the platform, the story is automatically syndicated to It stays there until you delete the item or delete your site. Pages on your website are not syndicated, as they are not really designed for news.

By @ourlocality

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