Community Turbine

Dunbar Community Energy Company’s planning application for a community owned wind turbine on Blackcastle Hill has now been registered and…Continue readingCommunity Turbine

BeGreen Energy Advice

Just a reminder that our Energy Audit service is ongoing, offering free, practical advice on how to save energy around the home and…Continue readingBeGreen Energy Advice

Community Energy -We need your opinion

Dunbar Community Energy Company is currently investigating the options for a community owned wind turbine that would be sited on…Continue readingCommunity Energy -We need your opinion

Power from the Sun

We are delighted to announce our discounted PV offer. With the introduction of the Government’s feed in tariffs there has…Continue readingPower from the Sun

Dunbar Community Energy Company needs your support

Please show your support for Dunbar Community Energy Company in their bid to secure funding for installing a community owned…Continue readingDunbar Community Energy Company needs your support

Offshore Windfarm Consultation

Mainstream Renewable Power are holding a couple of public consultation events about their proposed 420MW ‘Neart na Gaoithe’ Offshore wind farm.…Continue readingOffshore Windfarm Consultation

The End of Growth

Richard Heinberg gave this talk in Totnes recently. Well worth taking the time to watch. Today’s debt is underwritten by…Continue readingThe End of Growth

(Paid) Help Needed

We are looking to recruit a number of extra ‘neighbourhood energy assistants’ to do a few hours paid work a…Continue reading(Paid) Help Needed

Peak Oil Official

The world is much closer to running out of oil than official estimates admit, according to a whistleblower at the International Energy Agency who…Continue readingPeak Oil Official

A Vision for a Sustainable Energy Future

What do you think? How will we make sure that the lights don’t  go out and that everyone in the…Continue readingA Vision for a Sustainable Energy Future