Dunbar Motorcyling

This month, we are going to look at some copies of photos donated to DDHS by Emma Robertson. The photos…Continue readingDunbar Motorcyling

Bollinger only 46 shillings a bottle

More material this month donated by Pam Murray and left by her father George Low.  The enlarged image is interesting…Continue readingBollinger only 46 shillings a bottle

King Ja Ja

The auction of the contents of the King Ja Ja, conducted at Thorntonloch by George Low on 21st October 1905…Continue readingKing Ja Ja

History in Lockdown: Postscript

I started this project as a follow up to the start of the spread of the Corona virus to tell…Continue readingHistory in Lockdown: Postscript

Dunbar in Lockdown

Dunbar in Lockdown– a personal perspective reflecting on the effect of Covid-19 on Dunbar.   To find a precedent for the current lockdown, one should go back…Continue readingDunbar in Lockdown

More on the 1899 Map of Dunbar

The 2nd part of Jim Herring’s analysis of the 1899 Map of Dunbar is now complete. You can watch a…Continue readingMore on the 1899 Map of Dunbar

It’s A Knockout 1969

In Dunbar’s social history, one of the key events – in terms of the visibility of the town to the…Continue readingIt’s A Knockout 1969

Clan Dunbar International

Clan Dunbar International is a group which was set up in the United States in 1977 by Robert Bruce Dunbar.…Continue readingClan Dunbar International

Lest We Forget

As the centenary of the Great War approached interest in the whole story of the war increased.  Programmes on television…Continue readingLest We Forget


The seeds which grew into the Jumelage go back a long time. Andre Monrocher had studied in Edinburgh and his…Continue readingTwinning